Our apologies!! Due to price increases during Valentine's by flower suppliers the prices reflected on this page are not accurate from January 29th thru February 17th - please see Valentine offerings page for prices during these days.
Nothing says how much you love her
more than beautiful Rose Arrangements

Mixed Rose Vase
Starting at $36.50 (6)
As shown 24 roses

1 Doz Lavender Rose Vase

Love in bloom 5X5 cube vase
Clear Cube Vase $42.50
Red Cube vase   $52.50

Mixed Rose vase with Peruvian lilly's
Starting at $54.50 as shown

Yellow $62.50(Doz roses)

Plush bears and candy are always a hit
Ask for available inventory

6 Rose and 3 Calla Lily Vase

Rose Bud Vases
Single Rose Vase $10.50
Double Rose Vase $16.50
Triple Rose Vase $22.50

Rose Cube with babies breath
From $42.50 to $78.50
As shown $78.50 (dozen roses)

I love you mixed bouquets
Starting at $30.00

Cuddly Plush Love Bear

(S) 10" Plush Bear - $12.50
(M) 20" Plush Bear - $24.50
(L) 28" Plush Bear - $34.50


Rose Spring Special
 (10% off offer does not apply to this  special offer)
Premium long stem rose wraps
6 Roses   $27.50
12 Roses $47.50

Standard Colors
(red, white, pink, hot pink & yellow)
Starting at $36.50 (6)
As show (12) roses


Endless Summer
Starting at $69.95 (as shown)


You are my sunshine

3 Dozen long steam vase arrangement

She Loves Pink
Roses, Peruvian Lilly's and Babies Breath

Dog Gone it - I love You

A cute puppy made from white carnations surrounded with pink carnations

SGF Flower Birthday Cake
Choose your colors
Delivered in a pastry Box
$59.50 - 79.50

6 Roses and Oriental Lily's

Mixed with roses, carnations,
bells of Ireland and Lilly's
in red vase $64.50

All items displayed are shown based on availability of flowers and colors. Not all flowers or colors will be available year round.
We reserve the right to substitute colors and flowers if necessary with the assured guarantee that you will receive a item as close as possible to the shown item which will be of equal or greater value.
We will attempt to contact you if possible before any substitutions are made

Passion Fire
Starting at $42.50 (6)
As shown (12) roses

Hot pink Rose arrangement
$36.50 (6)
$64.50 (12)

Roses and Lilies with Misty
Starting at $42.50 as shown

Dog-gone-it I love you
Starting at $64.95 with a half dozen roses in your choice of colors

Roses and Daisy's 

Rose Wraps many colors
Starting at $27.50 (6 roses)

As shown $47.50 (Doz roses)

Forever Yours
Beautiful arrangement of Calla Lilly's,
Gerber Daisy's, Tulips and Carnations make a dramatic visual statement of love
From $39.95 to $89.95
As shown $69.95

Carnation bud vases
Single vase      $10.50
Double Vase    $13.50
Triple Vase       $16.50

Rose bud vases with accents
Starting at $28.50
$54.50 as shown

She Loves Pink
Pink Roses and White Lilly's in red vase arrangement

 Your so Sweet

Candy Snack Basket
$39.50 to $69.50

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