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Please review a small sample of our sympathy offerings.  Colors are interchangeable as well as flower types. Choose from the items shown or let our designers help you create the sympathy offering you would like to send

All items displayed are shown based on availability of flowers and colors. Not all flowers or colors will be available year round.

Substitution of colors and/or flowers may be necessary when certain colors and flowers are out of season or not available This will be done with the assured guarantee that you will receive a item as close as possible to the shown item which will be of equal or greater value.

We will make every attempt to contact you if possible before any substitutions are made

Arrangements suitable for the service or the home:


Beautiful Basket One

Lilly's, Snaps, Viking Daisy's, Glads, and Carnations in Yellow's and Lavender.



Beautiful Basket Two

Gerber Daisy's, Lavender Roses, Viking Daisy's, Purple Stock



Beautiful Basket Three (Fireside)

Roses, Snaps, Carnations, Wax Flower and Peruvian Lilly


Cherished Memories  1

White Spider Mums, Pink Carnations, and 8 Hot Pink Roses


Cherished Memories  2

White Spider Mums & White Carnations


Cherished Memories  3 

1 Dozen Roses, Spider Mums & 

Carnations - Colors optional 


Cherished Memories 


Gerber Daisy's, Fuji Mums, Hydrangea  Stock with Purple Misty accents


Heartfelt Remembrance (Yellow)

Yellow Gerber Daisy's, Yellow Roses,

Yellow daisy Mums, White Carnations,

White Monty presented in a tribute Urn

Standard $139.00 

As shown Deluxe $159.00

Heartfelt Remembrance (pink)

Pink Gerber Daisy's, Pink Roses,

White Fuji Mums, White Monty

presented in a tribute Urn

Standard $139.00

 As shown Deluxe $159.00


Glads, roses, fuji mums,

daisy's and Yellow Buttons



Roses , Fuji mums, Glads, Purple Stock

with Purple Liatris

Starting at $139.25

As Shown $159.50

White & Blue 

Heavenly Blessing 

Wreath on Stand

Meduim - $174.50

Large - $224.50

Extra Large - $302.50

White & Pink

Heavenly Blessing 

Wreath on Stand

Medium - $174.50

Large - $224.50

Extra Large - $302.50

White & Red

Heavenly Blessing 

Wreath on Stand

   Meduim - $174.50

Large - $224.50

Extra Large - $302.50

White & Yellow

Heavenly Blessing 

Wreath on Stand

Medium - $174.50

Large - 4224.50

Extra Large - $302.50

Tribute in White Vase

Lilly's, Roses, Viking Daisy's


Classic in Pink Tribute Basket

Roses, Carnations & Snapdragon's

Starting at $79.50 

$129.50 as Shown

Peaceful Wishes Vase

Gerber Daisy's, Roses, Lilly's


Peacful Embrace Vase

Lilly's and Roses 


Cherished Remembrance Tribute Urn

Red Roses, White Lilly's, Blue Delphinium,

Red Carnations, White Glads

 Starting at $124.50

Tribute of White and Pink

White Lilly's, White Snaps, White Carnations, Pink Roses, Purple Misty and Ruscus

Starting at $144.50

Restful Journey Memorial Basket

White Roses, While Glads, White Carnations, Babies Breath and White Lilly's 

Starting at 134.50 as Shown

Peaceful Memories Basket

White Roses, Blue Delphinium, White Peruvian Lilly's and White Mini Carnations in keepsake basket

$79.50 to $129.50

Peace and Prayers Cross on Stand

White Cross Background with Premium Red Roses and Spiral Eucalyptus

Small     $179.00

Medium  $219.00

Large       $259.00

Most arrangements can be scaled  in size depending on your needs.

Fondest Memories Standing Cross

20" Cross - $99.50

24" Cross - $129.50

30" Cross - $149.50

Budget Wise & Beautiful

Standing Spray of Roses, Carnations and Daisy's


Heartfelt Memories

Open Heart on Stand 

Roses, Fugi Mums, Carnations & White Monte Casino Astors


Please check with florist if you desire a larger or smaller version of anything 


Military Honors Cross

White Roses, Blue Delphinium, Red Gerber Daisy and Red Carnations

24 inch cross on white wooden Easel  $199.00

Military Honors Tribute

White Glads, Yellow Lilly's, Red Carnations, Blue Hydrangea, Blue Delphinium


Cross of loving memory

white carnation background with rose center and extensions

Small Cross (24"L) - $189.95

Medium Cross (30"L) - $209.95

Large Cross (36"L) $249.95 (as shown)

Large  Heart on Stand Tribute

24" Heart 

Red Roses, Red Carnations, Red Mini Carnations, White Roses, White Fuji Mums, White Carnations and more.


Beloved Memories Standing Spray

Red Roses, Red Gerber Daisy's, White Buttons,Burgundy Carnations, Burgundy Mini Carnations on a bed of Emerald Palm with "Beloved" Banner Ribbon.

Standard (shown) $179.00 

 Deluxe $209.00

Sunrise Tribute Standing spray

Yellow roses white snapdragons

yellow fuji mums


Blue Angel Standing Spray-->

Blue Hydrangeas and Blue Delphinium, White Roses and Asiatic Lilies, plus tropical ferns and leaves.

$179.50 Standard wire stand

Military Honors Wreath

Red White and Blue

Starting at $149.50 (Carnations & Iris on bed of greens)

$215.50 (Roses and Iris)

Strength and Solace Standing Spray

Red Gladioli, Red Carnations, White Cushions Chrysanthemums,and accented with Emerald Palm and Leather Leaf fern.


Loving Memory spray in red roses and white lilly's and white accents(18 R0ses)


Never Forgotten Tribute Spray

White Hydrangea's, Yellow and White Daisy's, Red Carnations & White Stock.


Heartfelt Memories Standing Spray

Colors optional (pink, White, Red)

Carnations with a Rose Cascade with Fern Leaves and Bear Grass accents


Restful Remembrance Tribute Wreath

Peach Roses, Orange Lilly's White Fugi Mums, White Snapdragons with orange bow


Heartfelt Remembrance


In Honor of

Red/White/Blue Honor Spray

Roses, Fuji Mums, Chrysanthemums and

Blue Delphinium


SGF25-Standing Spray

Starting at $149.50


In Loving Memory Cross

standing white background cross with rose center and seasonal accents

Small Cross (18"L) - $169.95

Medium Cross (24"L) - $189.95

Large Cross (30"L) - $209.95 (as shown)

White Rose Tribute Vase

6 Roses  $44.50

12 Roses $74.50

24 Roses $124.50

Serenity Spray


Loving Honor Tribute Wreath

Yellow Fuji Mums, Yellow Lilly's, Yellow Roses,

accented with Solidago

Small $179.50

Medium $249.50

Large (Shown) $279.00

Double Planter Sympathy Basket

Starting at $65.00 (as shown)

Tribute in White

Standing white cross with red roses

Small Cross (18"L) - $169.95

Medium Cross (24"L) - $199.95

Large Cross (30"L) $229.95 (as shown)

Double Planter Sympathy Basket

Starting at $65.00(as shown)

In God's Grace 1

White Roses, White Lilly's, White Carnations, Bells of Ireland


Standing spray of white lilly's, white roses, bells of Ireland and fern greenery


Circle of Angles Wreath

Hand-picked selections of Dendrobium Orchids, White Calla Lilies, White Fuji Mums and White Hydrangea on a beautiful bed of seasonal greens and Variegated Pittosporum


Loving Memory Basket

Roses, White Hydrangea , White Lilly's, Baby's Breath & Red Carnations



(Colors are interchangeable)


Medium     $144.00

Large         $189.00


Medium      $169.00

Large           $199.00

               Peace Lilly Plants

  Table Top (6")                     $34.50

Large Floor Plant (8")        $64.50

Extra Large (10")                  $74.50

Sympathy Gardens


European Planter Baskets

Various sizes and containers

$32.50 to $129.50


Medium     $144.00

Large          $179.00


Medium       $164.00

Large            $189.00

Fireside Sympathy Basket

(Medium) $85.00 

  (Large)  $125.00


Medium      $169.00

Large           $199.00


Medium    $164.00

Large         $199.00


White Lilly's, White Carnations, White Alstromeria, White Daisy's




DELUXE - $79.95

PREMIUM - $99.95


Glads, yellow roses, Peruvian Lilly's

and button mums


Peaceful in Pink

Pink Roses, White Daisy's, White Vikings

Starting at $66.50 

White Rose Sympathy Vase

1 Dozen - $84.50

2 Doxen - $134.50


Hydrangea, roses, miniature carnations, snapdragons, chrysanthemums


SGF-Peace Lilly in Basket Container

$34.50(small)  6"pot 

(table model)

       $64.50 (medium)   

(8" pot -  floor model)

Satin Cross with Red

Roses and Baby's Breath

for Casket Lid


Lilly of the Valley Tribute Basket

White Lilly's, White Snapdragons, White Carnations, White Roses



Sympathy and Planter Gardens

from $34.50 to $125.00

As shown $54.50

Satin Heart with White Roses

and Viking Daisy's

for Casket Lid



Memory Tribute in White and Blue

Roses, Lilly's, Fuji Mums,  Delphinium with Wax Flower  accents


Memory Tribute in White and Lavender 

Roses, Lilly's,  Lavender Fuji Mums, Lavender Flower with Wax Flower accents


Memory Tribute in White

Beautiful White Roses with Wax Flower accents


Memory Tribute in Pink

Beautiful Pink Roses with Wax Flower accents


Peaceful Memories

24 White Roses and

Baby's Breath on a bed of greens


Pink Carnations highlighted with white roses

Single Saddle $189.50

Double Saddle $249.50

White Lilly's, Roses and

Monte Casino, Snaps and Bow

Half Saddle - $230.00

Full Saddle - $325.00

Red and white roses

Single Saddle $269.00

Double Saddle $375.00

Pink Carnations highlighted

with Babies Breath

Single Saddle $159.50

Double Saddle $190.50

Red Roses and Red Gerber Daisy's, accented with White  Chrysanthemums, White Fuji Mums and Larkspur

Single Saddle $275.00

Double Saddle $389.50

Red roses,red mini carnations, white hydrangea, white snaps,

Single Saddle $275.00

Double Saddle $389.50

    Hot Pink Roses, Babies Breath, greenery

Starting at $189.50

As shown $225.50

Classic Red Tribute

Beautiful Red Roses with Baby's Breath accents

Starting at $335.00

As shown above $399.00 

Stunning Red & White Spray

Red Roses, White Hydrangea's, Queen Anne's Lace, Lilly's, Italian & Israeli Ruscus

Half Saddle - $275.00

Full Saddle - $395.00

Pink Roses and White Carnations

Highlighted with Babies Breath

Single Saddle $194.50

Double Saddle $280.00

Distinguished Service Tribute

Blue Hydrangeas, White Stock,

White Lilly's, Red Roses and   Blue Delphinium


Blue Angel Casket Spray

Dark Blue Delphinium surrounds

Single Saddle $275.00 

18 Roses

Double Saddle $350.00

24 Roses

Angel's Elegance

Hand-picked selections of Dendrobium Orchids, White Calla Lilies, and Green Hydrangea on a beautiful bed of seasonal greens


SPECIAL THEME SPRAYS :               

By Special Order Only

Examples of Themed Standing Sprays Requires 36 hour advance notice from time of service.

3SGF20- "The Player" 

Theme or Hobby Specific Standing Spray

Starting at $134.50 with Fuji Mums, Wax Flower, Daisy's,   Snaps and carnations.

As shown with roses 189.00









Ask Florist for additional special theme sprays for funerals or corporate functions